Tips To Choosing The Right Umbrella Stroller

What’s the best umbrella stroller on the market today?

An umbrella baby stroller is a lightweight stroller that has two U-shaped handles and folds in on itself. Not all lightweight baby strollers are umbrella strollers; some fold flat and do not fit the classification.

The best umbrella stroller for you depends on your budget and you and your baby’s individual needs. To get the best make sure to check out these features:

durabilitycomfortconvenient features or accessorieseasily foldedsafety

Unfortunately, there is no single best umbrella stroller. They can sell for anywhere between $10 and $800 and range from the ultra-cheap to the super luxurious. The best umbrella strollers to consider are:

Chicco C6: (MSRP $69.99) With front and rear suspension your little passenger will have a smooth ride and with shoulder strap and travel bag it’s easy to take with you anywhere. At 11lbs it’s one of the lightest in the umbrella strollers category.

EvenFlo X-Sport: (MSRP $49.99) Plenty of storage for you, but not the greatest seat for baby.

Graco IPO: (MSRP $89.99) Larger front swivel wheels add to maneuverability, but the price tag and 17lb weight makes it not as good as the Chicco C6.

Maclaren Quest Sport (MSRP $245.99) While very costly, this is the dream umbrella stroller! It weighs only 11lbs but can hold a kid up to 55lbs. Loaded with great features and convenient options if you have the money it’s a must have.

Even the best ones can’t carry an infant car seat and should not be used with babies under six months unless they have a reclining seat. They are primary designed for toddlers and due to their size will not offer the same features and accessories as standard strollers

The best umbrella stroller is not necessarily the most expensive. That doesn’t mean you should cheap out and not spend some cash, though. Like anything in this world you get what you pay for and spending a little money on the best umbrella stroller for you and your baby will pay off down the road.

Pick the best that is a nice mix between value and features and that fits your lifestyle in order to insure you get the most out of your purchase. You will most likely use this stroller a lot and will have it a very long time, so choose wisely and don’t be afraid to spend a little money on it.

I had quite a number of people asking me for advice on which baby umbrella stroller that I could recommend to them. Now choosing a stroller can be a bit mind-boggling since we have such an amazing variety of baby strollers that are currently available in the market. In fact when we search online, we could hardly even decide on which is suitable as they come in all shapes, designs and features! Where do we even start?

Stroller Height

First of all, there are two groups of people whom we need to consider when choosing the right one. The first would be those of average height. The second group would be the tall people. It appears to be easier for people with average height to find a stroller easily. But to look for a tall umbrella stroller for tall people could be a bit tricky as most strollers are likely to promote their features as being able to cater to the tall people.

In fact a tall one may not even be completely suitable for tall people if the height of the baby stroller is not adjustable. So one of the things to look out for when it comes …

How to buy used double stroller

How to buy used double stroller

Congratulations, you have made your choice and wish to purchase a double stroller. Before you plunk down your Master Card there are a few factors to consider.

Impulse Buy

It is a very bad idea to purchase the first double stroller you come across, be it in a baby store or on an on-line baby supply website. Remember double strollers are an investment that will probably be used for years to come. And, if you purchase the right double stroller it will last for years to come. This is an expensive purchase. The cheapest double stroller will run you around $100.00 so making the wrong decision can cost you a lot of aggravation, time and money.

Do Your Research

With all the information that is available on the Internet, there is no reason why you cannot research the double stroller that is best for you. There are hundreds of websites offering this product and many have review sections where owners can offer an honest opinion of the product.

There are also websites dedicated to the comparison of strollers. Here you will find parents that are willing to offer insight into your choice of double strollers. Also look for Opinion websites that focus on the double stroller.

Finally visit the mall, parks, and playgrounds where parents tend to congregate with their children. Ask parents who have double strollers their opinions of the brand they purchased. Be sure to ask what they like and do not like about their particular brand. Ask if they would buy the same double stroller again or seek out a different one.

Make a List

Before you even think of looking for a particular brand of double stroller make a list. Include in the list what you plan on using the stroller for. Will it be used for quick trips only to the doctor’s office or grocery store? Or are you planning to spend hours at the mall or using public transportation.

How to buy used double stroller

Another part of your list should include what surfaces you will be pushing your stroller on. Is your stroller going to be used on carpet, sidewalks, dirt or grass? For example, if you have an older child who is on the baseball team you will probably be pushing the stroller through dirt parking lots and grass-covered fields.

Also, include in this list features that are important to you. How much storage do you want? How heavy can the double stroller be? Is it going to be folded and put in the car a lot? How much money can you spend?

And your final list should include the features you want for your child. Do you want the seats to fully recline back? How much legroom do you think you will need as your child grows? Will your children benefit by sitting beside each other?

Ignore These Particulars

Do not be influenced by pretty colors or attractive fabrics. Who cares what it looks like as long as the stroller is comfortable and has all the important features in your list.

Don’t be tempted by clearance sales. Unless the double stroller on sale has all the features you are looking for do not purchase it because it is cheap.

Do not let a salesperson steer you towards a brand simply because it is expensive or overstocked. Listen to why they are trying to get you to purchase a particular double stroller. If they are not making sense, do not purchase it.…